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The 7th Hunt (2009): For Gothic Callie, her deaf sister Ariel, computer nerd Chris, popular Sarah, and m*sogynist Ricky, their evening plans are about to be re-written. Taken to an abandoned military training school, they finds themselves the target of 5 sadistic killers, each with their own unique and different style of killing. They fight for their lives against sociopaths who know their environment intimately, becoming increasingly outnumbered as their friends are killed.

Director: Jon Cohen
Writer: Jon Cohen
Stars: Imogen Bailey, Jason Stojanovski, Matthew Charleston
Country: Australia
Language: English
Release Date: 2009 (Australia)
Also Known As: The Hunt
Filming Locations: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Genres: Drama | Horror | Thriller

User Review (IMDb.com):

"yeah, this may contain spoilers, am just typing what we wrote down when we watched this one. Sorry !!!

Well, who are we? We're a group of guys and girls at college in Columbus who have decided to meet every month at one house, grab a stack of d.v.d's, lots of pizza and do what we do. We grabbed this one from the indie stack and as one of us lived in Oz for a while on student exchange we thought why not, at least Kym can translate for us if the accents are too bad. This is what we all wrote down on our slips of paper, just like they do in the movie houses when they ask for a review, but we had beer!!!

We liked the film!

The music was a bot over the top at the start, but i guess for a low budget film it was kinda OK. Not sure why the killers all meet and kill the people they do, but we kinda got the idea from the newspaper clippings at the start its all some conspiracy (if they are Aussies and they are like Mel Gibson, i wonder who they will blame it on??!?!)

The girls were split as to who they would tap, couple of us liked Sniper, while the rest wanted Hacker (what is he hiding under the leather jacket?!?!). We all thought the limp the director got Sniper do do was kinda dumb and made him look silly.

The guys all wanted Ariel, the deaf runner, but the sister Callie came a close second.

Acting - well one review said it was awful, but thats pretty harsh dudes. Hacker was the favorite of us all. The Aussie accent was almost not there, so we got him. Loved his humor especially when he cracked it at his victim for bleeding everywhere after he chopped a finger off .. and then chose which cooking spice to put on it! Kick Butt awesome! The girls thought he was hot and acted good. Same with Sniper. Knife was just scary, but he was great. The best of the victims was Ariel, who kicked a*s with her acting and Callie. Most of us felt that the Inquisitor was too over the top and kinda cr*p, same with Ricky.

College Film Review Overall - we give the film a thumbs up and say to everyone rent it out! The director Cohen (well maybe we wont see a Mel Gibson sequel) and the co-director, the dude who played Hacker, did well. Davey told me to make sure we mention the DP (he's studying to be a DP so guess what he looked at more than anything else), as the DP did well too. Written by collegefilmreview


short update -

we hired it again and bought a copy exrental and have one last comment.

The Hacker is the hottest now to us girls, including a few newbies to our group. We want him to come here and make us confess or maybe we will make him confess. :) JD COHEN, you MUST have him in more films in bigger roles so we can all watch him some more :) Does he have a fan mail we can talk to him? Are you going to work with him again or is he now just directing? we noticed on IMDb that he directed a feature film recently. Please don't let him just direct!!

and we still think the film rocks!

and also as much as we hate to say it we love Imogen to bits. just why she has to be so talented and good looking we think its so unfair, maybe the next movie should have the hacker and Ariels twin sister in it :)" Written by collegefilmreview


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