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All The Kind Strangers (1970): Free Classic Movie, English, Full Feature Film. A couple traveling through a backwoods area are held by a a group of orphans who want them to become their parents. Unfortunately, the kids have a habit of killing adults who refuse that particular honor.

Director: Burt Kennedy
Writer: Clyde Ware
Stars: Stacy Keach, Samantha Eggar, John Savage

I really love TV-horror/thriller movies from the 1970s. They are short, straightforward and usually compensate in atmosphere and plot- ingenuity for what they lack in action footage or make-up effects. "All the Kind Strangers" is a decent example of such a 70s tale with a very murky and unsettling premise and a thoroughly unpredictable atmosphere of tension. Macho freelance photographer Jimmy Wheeler is driving through rural roads in his fancy and brand new convertible when he stops to give a lift to a 7-year-old kid carrying large bags of groceries. He quickly regrets this, however, as he ends up at the backwoods equivalent of the Von Trapp family with seven parentless children living in the middle of a swamp. Unfortunately, they don't sing of Do-Re-Mi and – under the eerie leadership of the oldest brother Peter – they have the nasty habit of forcing random helpful strangers to become their reluctant ma's and pa's. They already reverse-adopted the terrified Samantha Eggar as their mommy, and now they see the ideal role-model father in Mr. Wheeler even though he doesn't share their enthusiasm. "All the Kind Strangers" is very compelling and ominous throughout the first hour, with notably uncanny scenes at the dinner table or during the boat trip on the creek. The hopelessness in Stacy Keach's eyes, the fear in Samantha Eggar's eyes and the madness in John Savage's eyes are extremely realistic and make even the most hardened viewer feel uncomfortable. In fact, "All the Kind Strangers" easily would have ranked in the top 10 of greatest TV-thrillers of the 70s if only it weren't for the daft and utterly disappointing anti-climax. The bad ending alone costs this otherwise fine TV-thriller a mere 2 or 3 points in the rating.

All the Kind Strangers is basically just your average made for TV seventies movie - in that it features an interesting base plot, and lets that fill the entire runtime without even attempting to do anything else with it. The result is adequate; though underwhelming. The film begins with a man driving through the woods alone. He encounters a young boy and offers to give him a lift home. Upon arriving at the boy's home, the man finds it inhabited by children; and because his car won't start, he decides to stay there for the night. However, it turns out that the kids have broken his car to make him stay with them as they want him to be their father. The film only runs for about seventy five minutes and doesn't provide a great deal of surprises along the way. Once the plot is laid out, we are left only with the task of getting to the end. The film does feature a good leading performance from Stacy Keach, who gets into his character well and receives good feedback from the likes of Samantha Eggar and John Savage. It all boils down to a rather strange, yet disappointing ending. Overall, this is a long way from being great; but it passes the time at least and I'd say it's just about worth a look.

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